10. Feb 2023

44th Fleischrindertage

Spectacular bids for outstanding bulls

After the extraordinary presentation and licensing of Germany’s largest contingent of stud bulls in the Niedersachsenhalle on Friday, Saturday was all about the title of the year for the beef cattle breeders. Who will be Mister MASTERRIND 2023? The winners of all breeds from the day before faced the critical eyes of Christian Intemann and showed their best side, again. The extraordinary quality of the bulls did not make it easy to decide who will be Mister MASTERRIND 2023. When the tension was at its peak and the rhythmic clapping in the Niedersachsenhalle became louder and louder, Christian Intemann walked straight up to the white giant and announced:

“Mister MASTERRIND 2023 is the Charolais bull Bonsai!”

Breeder Marko Beu from Osterholz-Scharmbeck was smiling from ear to ear when the outstanding appearance of his bull Bonsai was awarded this title. Bonsai is an exceptional bull you won’t often find. He almost achieved the highest possible scores and his above-average, consistent weight gain is impressive.

Bonsai, Mister MASTERRIND 2023 with his breeder Marko Beu (left), Ralf Strassemeyer and Gerd Grimmelmann, breeder of Mister MASTERRIND 2022 (right)

Class winners selection Mister MASTERRIND

Quality pays off: Highest bids shot through the Niedersachsenhalle!

Then it went right back to business. With loud fanfares and a “Jawoll!” from the auctioneer Torsten Kirstein, this year’s stud bull auction of the 44th beef cattle days was opened! In the ring: Mister MASTERRIND, Charolais bull Bonsai who in a few moments will be the first of the 201 stud bulls under the hammer.

The bell rang almost continuously, signaling that online bidding was already in full swing. Then the bids for Bonsai came in one after another in the hall. A buyer from Latvia bid a whopping 12,000 € and is the first happy owner of a new sire of that day.

The rest of the Charolais contingent also went under the hammer. The second bull and reserve winner among the Charolais, #28 “Olymp” from the breeder Hülsmann triumphed with the second highest bid of € 7,000.

Then true musclemen entered the ring! The Blonde d’Aquitaine bull Michel (# 63) from Golze, Dassel, started off as the breed winner. He was sold as the second most expensive bull of the breed to a buyer from north Germany. The most expensive bull of the breed, Belami (# 61), already entered the ring with a round of applause. He, too, was bred by Golze and changed hands for € 5,800 to an owner from the Czech Republic.

“Fluffy” was the motto of the next breed block! Not only the Galloway breeders were thrilled by the appearance of the excellent bulls, but also some children in the front rows had big, shiny eyes. The black Beethoven son Brahms (# 73) bred by Carsten Haase, Dinklage, was the first Galloway to enter the ring. He was the second most expensive bull of the breed and was sold to an online bidder. Two bulls achieved a purchase price of € 3,400: Drago bred by Hajo Fritze, Hagen and Samuel from Büttemeyer, Espelkamp.

The Ia-placed Carlson (#79) from Carsten Rust, Bad Fallingbostel, led the Hereford bulls and promptly changed hands for € 2,400 as the most expensive bull of the breed.

Two representatives of the Salers breed, Vulkan and Onno, presented by the breeder Nolte, Rosdorf enriched the 44th beef cattle days and each found an enthusiast in the audience for € 2,400 and € 2,300.

The Welsh Black bull Anton started as the only stud bull of the breed and also promptly found a buyer.

This was followed by another larger group, Fleckvieh-Simmental. Breed winner Pronto (#103) found a new owner as quickly as his name suggests. His imposing appearance resulted in a price of € 4,200. The second most expensive bull was bred by Falk Lohman, Radeburg as well.

The Angus bulls were also hotly contested! The breed winner Orban achieved a fabulous price of € 6,200. Not only this bull was sold very successfully by Riekenberg, Burgwedel, also the most expensive bull of the breed, 1a bull Darius from his herd, was sold for € 6,800. Breeder Walter Heymann was pleased to have sold the third most expensive animal for € 5,400.

No. 103, Pronto, Falk Lohman, Radeburg

No. 149, Orban, Riekenberg, Burgwedel

Highest price of € 13,000 amazed the audience

At the end, things got really exciting once again! Limousin fans crowded the stands of the Niedersachsenhalle and had their bidding numbers ready. Breed winner Cisko made the start and was auctioned off for a good price of € 5,200. And then the sensational happened! The bids flew to auctioneer Torsten Kirstein from the audience, because in the ring was Liberty, a Lexus son of Isebauern GmbH from Wahrenholz, who will bring new genetics with his Irish bloodline into the breeding of a breeding community from the district of Diepholz. An unbelievable € 13,000 were invested in this magnificent bull. After that it went on briskly, because some interesting homozygous polled sires made the hearts of quite a few Limousin breeders beat faster. Bids of € 6.000 and more were easily reached. The second most expensive bull Hirony (# 224) bred by Frank Scheffer, Messingen found a new owner for € 7,500 and the third most expensive bull Axel (# 166) bred by Pupkes, Hinte was sold to a bidder for € 7,300.

No. 170, Liberty, IseBauern GmbH, Wahrenholz

All in all, we can look back on an absolutely successful event. The very committed buyers rewarded the work of the breeders with their bids and brought the auction to a brisk pace. The concept of a large contingent of more than 200 bulls was successful, as in the previous year, which was also confirmed by the sales rate of 99 %. The top bids of the day for two of the main breeds show the identical good quality of both the Charolais and Limousin bulls.

Many thanks to all breeders, for the excellently prepared animals and to all buyers and spectators, who ensured that the 44th Beef Cattle Days was once again an outstanding event this year.

Average Prices 44th Fleischrindertage

Breed Sold Offered ∅ Price Min-Price Max-Price
Breed Sold Offered ∅ Price Min-Price Max-Price
Charolais 49 49 4.114 € 2.000 € 12.000 €
Limousin 64 64 4.313 € 2.000 € 13.000 €
Blonde d'Aquitaine 12 12 3.392 € 2.300 € 5.800 €
Salers 2 2 2.350 € 2.300 € 2.400 €
Angus 42 42 3.610 € 2.000 € 6.800 €
Hereford 2 4 2.300 € 2.200 € 2.400 €
Welsh Black 1 1 2.200 € 2.200 € 2.200 €
Galloway 6 6 2.667 € 1.900 € 3.400 €
Fleckvieh Fleisch 21 21 2.805 € 2.100 € 4.200 €
∅ over all breeds 199 201 3.800 € 1.900 € 13.000 €