Feb 15, 2024

Outstanding qualitity in the licensing arena in Verden!

Bull licensing at the 45th Beef Cattle Days

Anyone entering the Niedersachsenhalle in Verden this weekend will see a colourful and varied picture. On the stable aisles, sorted by breed, true powerhouses are enjoying the calm before the storm. Because today marked the start of the 45th Beef Cattle Days 2024.

At exactly 10 a.m., the sires up for sale were given the finishing touches with comb and brush and, presented in 3 rings, faced the critical eyes of the licensing commissions.

Licensing list und sales order

45th Beef Cattle Days


The licensing of the Limousin bulls took some time and concentration from the licensing committee due to their size and homogeneity. Two top scores of 9 and a 7 in the skeleton make up today's winner. His name is MP Rolex, he was extremely typey and well-muscled and was bred by Pupkes GbR, Hinte. He prevailed in an exciting final against Justin from Friedhelm Nolte, Groß Ippener (8/9/7 approved) and relegated him to reserve victory. With ISE Loki, the Ise farmers from Wahrenholz delivered the full brother to last year's top seller. He was awarded a score of 9/9/6 and honoured for the best type. Reinhard Meyer from Harsefeld secured the trophy for best muscling for CM Bolly.


Maximus from the Schmaedeke farm in Schweringen lived up to his name. His maximum muscling was rated with the highest score of 9, and he received a good 8 for both his appearance and conformation. There was no way around this splendid specimen when it came to selecting the winner, so he was named the best bull of the breed. With an absolutely impressive appearance, WIC Remus from Horste Wehde, Isernhagen (8/8/8 licensed) impressed the licensing committee and took both the title of type winner and reserve winner. HC Pegasus from Stefan Heibült, Uplengen, was also equipped with colossal muscling and was the muscling winner.


The question arose again today: red or black? And the decision was in favour of black! A text book example of a - this is how Jörg Fahrenholz's Aberdeen Angus bull FSA Alf presented himself in the ring. His 8/8/8 score reflects exactly this impression, so that he was named the winner of the Angus breed and the best type bull. Only slightly inferior to him was the red WSA Elinus from Walter Schecker from Uetze, who was also licensed 8/8/8, so that he now holds the title of Reserve Champion. The title muscling champion went to Zuchtstätte Ahlers, Visselhövede, with AA Gentle.

Fleckvieh Fleisch

The Fleckvieh breed fought a tough head-to-head race. With JKW Hillmar, Jens Kück offered an absolutely balanced specimen of the breed. The licensing committee decided to reward him with 8/8/8 and crown him the champion bull and type champion. Very close on his heels, with the same grading, was the centrepiece Gerd from Schneider in Reichenbach. He was named reserve champion. Adrian Hauschild from Neu Wilmstorf presented his "Pfundskerl" Heini for the first time and immediately took the title of muscling champion. He currently weighs an impressive 935kg with 1,680g daily gain.

Blonde d'Aquitaine

In the Blonde d' Aquitaine breed block, one farm in particular caught the eye today. The two bulls bred by Pascal Kumlehn from Wangelnstedt amazed both visitors and the licensing committee. KUM Utopic, who is absolutely harmonious and has a strong character, confidently won the breed title with a score of 8/8/7. His stablemate KUM Unesco outshone all his breed mates with his muscling strength and was named muscling winner with the only 9 of the breed in muscling. The Reserve Champion went to Hof Ilmeaue GbR, Dassel for the harmonious, 7/8/8 licensed GOL Maxi.


Galloway-Bull Digger honoured his experienced pedigree today. He showed himself from his best angle and was honoured with a score of 8/8/8. His well-balanced type helped him to pole position. The organic black bull Sam from Zuchthof Lömker, Espelkamp, was particularly praised for his strength in appearance and was ultimately awarded the title of reserve champion.

Weitere Rassen

The Hereford and Salers breeds also sent outstanding representatives of their species to Verden. Carsten Rust's Hereford bull Capitol, a loyal exhibitor at the beef cattle days, took the lead in his breed with a score of 8/8/7. Bernd Nolte from Rosdorf presented the Salers breed with two interesting bulls. Big Boy in particular shone with the Ia award and scores of 8/8/7.

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