MASTERRIND is the leading cattle breeding organization in Germany and a major player in Europe

About 800,000 first services are carried out annually on our member farms. Almost eight million doses of semen from all breeds are being sold each year to 80 countries worldwide by our daughter company SYNETICS.

MASTERRIND is the German market leader in sales of breeding and commercial cattle. At more than 42 auctions and on farm purchases, approximately 160,000 animals are sold annually, of which more than 25,000 Holsteins are exported to EU countries, Russia, Africa and Asia.

MASTERRIND Germany's exceptional work and effort, along with their genuine concern for our business, have consistently elevated our partnership to new heights, making them a reliable, supportive, and truly outstanding partner.

Mohammed Shafie
Multi Commerce Management, Egypt

Benefits of MASTERRIND

Individual insurance and finance

Wide range of breeding stock

Best price guarantee

Customized genetic selection

Highest veterinary status

Reliable and highest standards in animal movement worldwide

  • We work with all forms of payment. 

  • Considering that MASTERRIND is a large company, we can provide a bank guarantee against payments. 

  • Also financing via (deferred) letters of credit and EULER HERMES loans are possible.

  • More than 15 dairy and beef breeds

  • Our member farms have about 600,000 head of breeding cattle. This is the largest population of breeding stock and thus you are provided a wide variety of choices.  

  • We are the direct source for breeding cattle as an association of farmers.

  • You always get the best price as you work directly with farmers. You will avoid intermediaries and the costs associated with their services.

  • In addition to the sale of cattle, we are engaged in genetic work at a very high level. A large amount of our herds is completly genotyped. 

  • Artificial insemination within the association contributes to the improvement of livestock quality on a regular basis. 

  • We have our own patented semen sexing technology. 

  • We can offer sexed pregnant heifers as well.

  • Germany has one of the highest health standards for bovines worldwide.

  • We issue bilateral health certificates for several countries.

  • We assist with working on an import protocol also for your country.

  • We strictly follow the EU legislation VO (EG) Nr. 1/2005 a which is the basis for all our animal movements.

  • In addition, we offer GPS tracked trucks for our dispatch vet authorities.

  • We sent our own veterinarians along with the breeding heifers in planes and vessels.

We speak the following languages:

  • English

  • Italian

  • Polish

  • Russian

  • Spanish

Scheme of working with us


Identifying needs

In response to your request, we agree on the number of animals, genetic specifications for animals, delivery time, insurance, payment terms and countryspecific veterinary import certificates.


Commercial offer

Your receive a full commercial offer according to your inquiry and a draft contract for the supply of cattle.


Contract & selection of livestock

After the conclusion of contract we agree on a selection date and organize your selection tour in Germany.



If quarantine is required for your country, we have the capacity of quarantining and delivering about 1200 head of cattle at a time.


Transportation of livestock

We load your cattle into livestock trucks, vessels or planes, prepare documents for customs clearance and transport to the new destinantion. We guarantee reliable and highest standards in animal movement worldwide.


Transfer of livestock

After unloading the cattle, we provide support for the insurance period. It is also possible to conclude an additional agreement for mating service. The mission of the MASTERRIND is the transfer of the experience accumulated by German farmers from over 100 years to your dairy enterprise.


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September 2024

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beef cattle

Niedersachsenhalle Verden, Lindhooper Straße 92

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