Apr 03, 2024

Brilliant performance by the SYNETICS bulls

BREAKING NEWS: Proof Run April 2024

Breaking News

  • The SYNETICS breeding programme once again records a brilliant breeding value estimation with a base adjustment of -5.0 RZG points for the Black and White and -4.8 RZG points for the Red and White Holsteins.

  • SYNETICS represents 50% of the TOP-10 in RZG and 50% of the TOP-50 in RZ€ of Black and White genomic bulls.

  • Real Syn remains the undisputed number 1 in the RZG Top list of Black and White genomic bulls according to RZG and RZ€.

  • Cop Red PP remains the highest homozygous polled RZG Red and White genomic sire.

  • Our "all-time favourites" Darlingo and Solito Red continue to be THE conformation bulls!

Black & White genomic bulls

  • Real Syn remains the star at the top of the overall list with a big lead.

  • Rockwell follows him again as the second best Rover son.

  • Marriott as the highest Mahomes son, Rainstar and Pretender complete our 50% of the TOP-10 in this category.

  • The highest newcomers are Pretender and Trophy.

  • Rayban P, the highest available polled sire in this top list, should not go unmentioned.

  • Way Maker remains the measure of all things in conformation. Aeronaut and Huntsville accompany him in the TOP-5.

Real Syn 10.833597 (S. Rover)

Black & White daughter proven bulls

Gigaliner daughtergroup at the 50th Schau der Besten

  • With a reliability of 99% and 1,200 added daughters, Topstone once again performs excellently in this breeding value estimation.

  • Gepard RDC is ranked 7th in the top list.

  • Looking back at the fabulous progeny groups of the 50th Schau der Besten, we are pleased that Gigaliner is the highest newcomer in the TOP-10. Hadi also proved his strength with the first daughter-tested breeding values.

  • As expected, Darlingo continues to consistently dominate the RZE top list.

Red & White genomic bulls

  • Cop Red PP once again positions himself as the highest homozygous polled sire in Germany’s RZG top lists of red and white genomic bulls.

  • Raven Red attracts attention in this category with the title of "best newcomer".

  • SYNETICS shines in conformation with Spicy Red, Maz Red PP, SMS Red PPFred Red P and Feit Red P. They are all among the top 10 sires. Spicy Red has been defending its pole position for over a year.

Raven Red 10.833636 (S. Rammstein)

Red & White daughter proven bulls

Safari Red 10.833421 (S. Spark Red)

  • 4 SYNETICS sires can be found in the TOP-10 according to RZG!

  • Spark Red, with a reliability of 99%, can even be found on No.4 and produces outstanding sons with Safari Red (No.3), Sam Red P (No.8) and Speedy Red (No.10).

  • Six Red PP is the highest homozygous polled newcomer and is therefore also the highest Solitair P son.

  • Solito Red is still RZE-leader with an 8-point lead.

This is just a small excerpt from the interesting portfolio of SYNETICS. We will shortly be presenting our current range of bulls in more detail on or .


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