Feb 27, 2023

Arino Red-daughter Maryrose is the most beautiful cow

Schau der Besten 2023

“Miss Schau der Besten” comes from Dötlingen

The 49th Schau der Besten in Verden on 23 February 2023 caused a sensation with the phenomenal victory of the Arino Red daughter Maryrose from RS Strudthoff GbR in Dötlingen. She is not only the first Red Champion since Boliant-daughter Belinda won the title 20 years ago. She is also sired by one of the leading Red Holstein SYNETICS bulls from the conformation segment. Thus, the joy is enormous not only for the entire family, who literally “breathes” breeding, and the show team, but also for all employees of the breeding association.

Young heifers enter the ring

The show started with the entry of the heifers. Judge Luc Sassel from France was enthusiastic about the strong segment and went into raptures time and again. When the first winners of the day were selected, the approximately 1600 spectators held their breath. The favourites from the four heifer classes were lined up in the hall. In the end, Henrik Wille from Herbergen was happy about the victory of his Mirand PP-daughter Rosalie. She outshone the competition with her noble bone structure, the fineness of her skeleton and her firm udder. Loh TJ Chizzy, an Awesome-daughter by Loh-an Holsteins and Torben Melbaum from Emsbüren, followed as reserve winner. The honourable mention went to SLH Cacaoqueen, a King Doc-daughter by Schulte-Lohmöller from Rheden.
This was followed by the offspring presentation with daughters of four well-known SYNETICS bulls. Among them, the best offspring was that of the bull Solito Red chosen by the audience, who also provided the most beautiful offspring heifer: Desire by Ludger Espelage from Vechta. Also impressive groups of harmonious heifers were shown by the bulls Bobest PPHurricane and the German top list leader Topstone.

Winner young heifer: Rosalie (S. Mirand PP) from Henrik Wille, Essen

Miss Schau der Besten: RS Maryrose (S. Arino Red) from RS Strudthoff GbR, Dötlingen with judge Luc Sassel.

Young Cows

In the young cows with two and three calvings RS Maryrose (S. Arino Red) prevailed and thus paved her way directly into the later Grand Champion selection. Already in her class she received a lot of applause and presented herself with an outstanding rear udder, a lot of width in the chest and a beautiful milk type. Thus she directly caught judge Sassel’s attention.
The reserve win went to Loh Chilli (S. O Ki) from Loh-an Holsteins & Torben Melbaum from Emsbüren. The honourable mention went to Elina (S. Chief) by Wilcor Holsteins from Warmsen.

Old Cows

And then it was already time: the old cows with four, five and more calvings came in. This segment of deserving cows culminated in the lifetime performance class, which are the perfect example of the interaction of exemplary management and excellent breeding of the farms.

In the champion selection old Fux Towuhabohu, a Godewind-daughter of Hahn/Radke GbR from Eppendorf won. Her youthful appearance, despite the five calvings, her milk type and the extremely open rib put her ahead of BWH Annika (S. Atwood) from Wille, Bollhorst, Kallaß, Melbaum from Essen. The honourable mention went to Loh TJ Alessja (S. Armani) by Loh-an Holsteins, Torben Melbaum, Nosbisch Holsteins and Marc Blaise from Emsbüren.

The highlight of the show is the election of Miss Schau der Besten. The winner’s walk down the red carpet was accompanied by atmospheric piano music which touched every single visitor. The joy of the entire show team was unspeakable when Maryrose EX-92 took home the victory. The Reserve Champion title went to Fux Towuhabohu and the Honorable Mention was awarded to Loh Chilly.

Winner of the offspring: Solito Red-daughter Desire from Ludger Espelage, Vechta.

Martha Strudthoff with “her” trophy.

Maryrose with her team