Feb 15, 2024

JK Donna made the Niedersachsenhalle shake with excitement

„Verdener Spätlese“ – 45th Beef Cattle Days

With a completely filled Niedersachsenhalle Verden, the atmosphere of the finale of the first day of the 45th Beef Cattle Days heated up enormously! It was that time of year again: the "Verdener Spätlese", and had exceptionally good genetics from eight different breeds in store for all beef cattle fans. Heifers of the finest quality, prepared by highly motivated breeders, were ready for the spotlight in the auction ring. Well over 1,000 visitors attended this year's breeders' evening, during which auctioneer Torsten Kirstein opened the Verdener Spätlese exactly at 8 p.m. with the fitting words "MASTERRIND's eleven of the day". 11 top-class cattle, all of which more than deserved to be part of this year's elite auction, gradually entered the Verden event stage today.

Amazing! A veritable rain of bids poured down on tonight's top seller. The Limousin heifer JK Donna from Josef Knurbein from Lindern offered the best opportunity to acquire a homozygous polled daughter with an unbelievable RZF of 113. With her large frame and Luxembourg bloodline, she not only made the heart of the MASTERRIND breeder from the Minden-Lübbecke district beat faster, but above all that of his daughter Ronja. Ronja held her nerve in the end and secured Donna for a whopping € 7,600 and let the auction hammer bang.

The audience was also amazed when the impressive Blonde d' Aquitaine cow GOL Harmonie appeared in the spotlight. The Mad Max daughter impressed above all with her correct feet & legs, her suppleness and, of course, her harmony, which made the auction hall blossom. In future, her new owner, who bought GOL Harmonie for € 4,400, will have a lot of fun with her in her home pasture in the Minden-Lübbecke district.

A dedicated young breeder from the Verden region proudly presented the jet-black Galloway heifer Alida from her parents' Strübl farm. Her pedigree, peppered with show successes, paired with a lot of body length and correct conformation, awakened many interested parties in the stands this evening, so that she was finally sold for € 3,000.

The perfect conformation of the homozygous polled Fleckvieh young cow Johanna was outstanding to observe as she slowly entered the stage with her breeder Janek Wohlers. Her exceptional national and international bloodlines were honoured with € 4,400. She is now at home on a breeding farm in Saxony.

The next black beauty, the Welsh Black heifer RM Charly, was greeted by auctioneer Kirstein as "Black Beauty". RM Charly also impresses with her experienced pedigree. A dedicated breeding operation did not miss out on this reliable breeding progress with a long-lived and fertile exclamation mark and proved to have the most staying power with € 3,200.

All Angus lovers had only one choice today - but this heifer offered everything you could want. The pregnant, chic and interesting red Aberdeen Angus ZIC Malu from Klaus Ziemke from Velpke is a real "feast for the eyes". Her high breeding value with RZF 112 and her enormous charisma stand for breeding progress of the next generation. Her future calf, descended from Designer (scores 9 9 8), also helped her to a price of € 5,800.

Carsten Rust presented the Hereford breed with the two-year-old Paradies. Here the name said it all. A harmonious appearance, paired with high breeding values and homozygous polled, left nothing to be desired, so that a breeder from Hesse treated himself to this hopeful for € 4,000.

Today's outstanding collection of Charolais cattle was all about show type. With CK Fanfare and WIC Camille, Fritz Kastens and Horst Wehde, who are well known beyond the borders of Germany, showed what the polled show winners of tomorrow will look like. WIC Camille, who knew how to convince with suitable production and the best muscling traits, unerringly captivated a breeder from Saxony and moved to his farm for a whopping € 5,200. Kastens' CK Farnfare appeared more than promising with a lot of body length and breed type, so that the auction hammer fell for her at € 4,000. She will be travelling to Saxony together with WIC Camille.

All in all, we are proud of a great end to the first day of this beef cattle event with the brilliant Verdener Spätleseauktion and an impressive average price of over € 4,500, which perfectly reflected the quality of the evening's special contingent.

Afterwards, the rustic breeders' evening continued and there was constant speculation as to who would be crowned Mister MASTERRIND tomorrow at Germany's largest bull auction. So it remains exciting!