Beef Cattle Selection

High quantities available regardless of the marketing way, our competent staff will assist you with any issue related to the cattle purchase.

Beef Cattle Selection

In the Beef Cattle Herd Books of MASTERRIND, we account for more than 20 different beef breeds. Breeding stock for the domestic and export market are mainly selected through farm tours of the customer together with our MASTERRIND cattle specialists. 

Beef Cattle Days

The top sires of the breeds are offered at the Lower Saxony Beef Cattle Days in Verden in February, with numbers of 160 and 50 head respectively per auction. These big events draw numerous breeders from all over Europe to Verden and Meißen and also allow for networking with other farmers.

Weaners Auctions

An important cornerstone of marketing in the beef cattle sector are the weaners auction. About 60% of animals in this category are sold via 15 auctions in Verden, with up to over 700 animals per auction. 
Our weaners auction season starts in August and lasts until May. Due to the seasonal nature of beef cattle breeding, there is only little supply during the summer months. Heavily pregnant heifers, in addition, can mainly be sold in autumn since they are usually due to calve in the winter season.

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