Holstein Selection

Holsteins are our main breed. Due to the great resources of animals on our 5,900 member farms, and many decades of experience, we offer you the outstanding support you need. To account for your specific requirements and preferences, we offer three different ways of Holstein cattle export, which all have their own advantages.

With more than 30 Holstein breeding cattle auctions per year, MASTERRIND is THE source for cattle of any kind. At the auctions, we regularly offer (calved) heifers, sires, cows, calves and veal calves. This broad range draws numerous customers from Germany and all over Europe to our regular auctions. 
They appreciate the diversity of pedigrees and genetic potential and the large selection basis of often 400 animals or more. All animals are well-prepared and can be loaded on trucks directly after the sale. In case you need support in regard to transporting the animals, we are at your disposal.
Our motivated staff accompanies you – if needed – and translates central characteristics and/or prices. 
In total, we operate on three different market sites:
    Cloppenburg (Münsterlandhalle, Eschstr. 35),
    Lingen (Emslandhallen, Lindenstr. 24 a), and
    Verden (Niedersachsenhalle, Lindhooper Str. 92)     


  • Genetic diversity

  • Many cattle types ranging from calved heifers to veal calves

  • Transparent pricing

  • Immediate transport 

Our most prominent marketing option is the farm-to-farm selection, where you can select your preferred animals directly on the farms. The farm-to farm selection allows the purchase of big quantities. Starting from 33 animals, we can offer up to 1,000 pregnant heifers per batch. Among Europe, we also have the opportunity to market calved heifers. The weekly buying potentials adds up to about 200 animals. Due to official EU resting stations, we can easily cover longer distances, which allows transport to e.g. Russia, Turkey or Spain. Our experienced staff offers support at any stage of the selection process. As soon as the enquiry is placed at one of our employees, we will check the requirements and provide an offer. After the conclusion of a contract, we preselect animals according to the requirements and conditions given and take care of all veterinary actions necessary for the respective country. After the thorough planning of the stay in our breeding area, we present the well-prepared heifers that suit the formulated needs. 


  • Proper look at the origin of the animal

  • High buying potential

  • Pregnant and calved heifers (Europe)

The marketing way sales barn is similar to farm-to-farm selection and might in some cases accompany the latter option. In contrast to farm-to-farm-selection, the sales barn offers the opportunity to take a look at all the preselected animals at once. After the specification of your requirements and the conclusion of a contract, we gather animals in our own barns and prepare them for the presentation. You can choose which heifers fit your needs best. In total, we operate eight sales barns with a capacity of 1,500 units. In case further centres are needed, we can make them available on demand.


  • Quick selection process

  • All selected animals already in one place

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High quantities available regardless of the marketing way, our competent staff will assist you with any issue related to the cattle purchase.

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Department International Cattle Sales

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