Dec 06, 2023

SYNETICS sires perform on high level with complete linears!

BREAKING NEWS: Proof Run December 2023 - TPI

With December proof run Synetics can extend the TPI portfolio on the highest level

Breaking News

  • SYNETICS is able to provide you 19 bulls over 3000 TPI and 10 above
    1100 NM$ and 17 above 1000 NM$.

  • Bosvito is the winner of this proof run and could improve in every detail.

  • Summerlake and Lenovo still the only foreign bulls in the Top 100 TPI
    proven bulls.

Black & White genomic bulls

  • The highest new bull in the SYNETICS portfolio is Overflow. This Overtake son from the KHW Altitude EX-95 cow family combines 3177 TPI and 1128 NM$.

  • Another very interesting new bull is Toolate. This Kevlow son from the GBM VAL Blackstar Jean EX-94 cow family shows off to be the complete package on the highest level: 3158 TPI, 1153 NM$.

  • Bosvito, remains to be one of the most complete sires available with high type and positive DPR.

  • With Zatney P we are able to provide a polled bull with over 2900 TPI

  • Mahjong continues to be the highest available milk bull with +2251 milk and improves his udder 2.0 and PTAT 2.08.

  • If you are looking for high type bulls, we can offer you Way Maker (PTAT 3.67, UDC 3.11), KingMaster (PTAT 3.10, UDC 2.94) and Grenadier (PTAT 3.17, UDC 3.04). All three are positive in production and balanced linear profiles.


Black & White daughter proven bulls

Grimi, daughter of Summerlake

  • Summerlake and Lenovo are remaining to be the highest
    foreign daughter proven bulls in the TPI list. Both are
    specialists, when it comes to high components and decent

Red & White genomic bulls

  • With the two Ranger Red sons Promise Red, 2832 TPI, and Random Red, 2814 TPI, we can provide two very complete bulls with perfect linear profiles.

  • Mat Red P is still the highest polled bull available and increased his TPI to 2800 and easy calving.

  • Talking about Red type bulls, Spicy Red is getting our attention. Directly from Goldwyn Locket EX-94 he is combining positive production with 2.8 PTAT, 2.50 UDC and longer teats.

Spicy Red VG-88

This is just a small excerpt from the interesting portfolio of SYNETICS. We will shortly be presenting our current range of bulls in more detail here.


SYNETICS – The perfect fit